One Night in a Department Store (Athens)

“Home is  where your bed is”

No doubt you have seen the movie “A night in a Museum 1, 2 & 3” – well this is definitely not as action-packed or exciting, however, it is my sedate take on staying overnight in a Manchester department store (and more).

It was supposed be our last night or two in Athens – before making the big, long-haul journey back to Queensland, Australia.

I had found and booked a very quirky and unique hotel to stay at – the COCO-MAT Hotel Athens.

“The COCO-MAT Hotel Athens is an understated luxury, design hotel that sits in the heart of Kolonaki, perhaps the city’s most exclusive district. It is the epitome of modern elegance.  A haven for urban adventurers. A modish entry to the city’s most eclectic neighbourhood.

Visitors can also enjoy free bicycle rental services to explore the city in style. The bicycles are a one-of-a-kind design, especially made for COCO-MAT and 100% wooden.

The ground floor houses a COCO-MAT store and the hotel features 39 rooms and luxury suites”.

Our taxi driver dropped us off late at night from the Port of Piraeus. The hotel staff must have been waiting for our arrival because once the taxi pulled up, a nice staff member came out to meet and greet us.

I was totally taken by surprise because in order to get to the hotel area and reception, we had to pass through a very cool bed and linen store. This was the very first time that I had stayed in a boutique store/hotel like this.

The room itself was very compact but modern. I absolutely loved the bathroom with its black and white tiles.  Then there was the humongous bed!!!  Now, I’m not too short but I had to literally jump up to get on and into this luxury bed – which was fine (I was just scared of rolling off and breaking some bones – eek!!).  They even had a nice cloth sachet of real lavender to place under your pillow to help you to drift off into quiet and blissful oblivion.

The hotel rooftop had sweeping and amazing views of Athens – as well as a stunning mural that depicted original, colourful and eccentric artwork.

The “exclusive district” of Kolonaki had a distinct vibe about it.  It was a lot quieter than the busy hub of central Athens but none the less it had a refined and cultured charm all of its own.  Both sides of the tree-lined streets had their fill of quaint little cafes and restaurants; all offering up a delicious assortment of food with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting on the breeze……………

I have to admit that I really liked the COCO-MAT philosophy – which was all about using “nature” as the primary inspiration in creating their products.  This was unmistakable when it came to their “one-of-a-kind bikes” which interestingly were made from solid oak wood and gave hotel guests the unique experience of riding around the city in style!

So what did I take away from this experience??? Well, that I had discovered another side of Athens and that life is about embracing change and adventures other than the norm – it is a life lesson that I am slowly but surely discovering, accepting and enjoying.

I also learned that as global citizens’ we all have a responsibility to be conscious of the impact we have and the imprint we make on our environment; and in particular the items we choose to use in our everyday lives.

To dare to be different and stand out from the crowd in life or in business is a journey of both strength and courage; and should be respected and admired.

“Never let go of your D R E A M S”





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