Mykonos – My Big, Fat, Greek Holiday! (Part 2)

“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”

(Ibn Battula)

Kalimera! I was excited to start our second and sadly the last day of our Mykonos adventure – obviously doing some exploring, sightseeing and souvenir shopping.

Breakfast was a lovely affair at the restaurant at the Belvedere Hotel – a delicious selection of sweet and savoury foods.  Boy was it scrumptious! The croissants, quiches and breads were freshly baked – the food seemed genuinely sweeter than on the mainland in Athens.  Perhaps it was made with just a touch more love………

So with our bodies energized for the morning, it was time to hit the alleyways and get lost!

Get lost in our environment and eventually find our way to the central town and make our way to the famous “Little Venice” and the “Windmills”.

I heard the sounds of people before the “Old Port” township came into sight.  Even though it was still early, many tourists like ourselves were already out and about.

The township is so quaint with stone paved footpaths right next to a pebbled beach with beautiful crystal waters – aqua, clear and invitingly refreshing.  In the distance, blissfully anchored were small and colourful fishing boats with an impressively big cruise ship in the background – and set against a bluer than blue skyline.  A moment that was truly magical, serene and beautiful.

To witness first hand such a mesmerizing and absolutely stunning place was both humbling and a dream come true.

Mykonos as a holiday destination would not need any major tourism advertising or marketing – word of mouth alone would be enough from all the travel seekers’ who have been fortunate to holiday there.  And when I return home I’m going to shout it from the rooftops – to friends, family and of course via my humble travel blog.

Hubby and I had a rough idea where we needed to go to get to the “Windmills” so we followed the unknown path – aka other tourists (namely tours groups – can’t go wrong there!).

Once again we wound our way through another labyrinth of alleyways of white-washed buildings, with so many charming boutiques and souvenir shops.

I took so many amazing photos along the way – in particular one of a very striking red door (and window) and in a moment of randomness, I did wonder what was behind that stunning red door.

Eventually we were getting closer to the “Windmills” but had to wind our way through and past the small café’s and bars that make up “Little Venice” – with the adjacent sea gently lapping at the buildings.

I was incredibly happy because at that time of the morning there wasn’t too many tourists.  I got some spectacular photos of the Windmills and looking back across to Little Venice.  A perfect sunny day, no wind, no crowds of tourists’ (yet) – it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Next to the Windmills was a little souvenir shop, so I wandered inside to look for some gifts to take home for myself and some friends. It was a cute place and I ended up buying some small hand-painted canvas prints of the Windmills and Little Venice – I was told by the shop keeper that “you won’t find any souvenirs like that on the Island” and he was right.

I experienced a goose bump moment while I was talking to the shop keeper, he asked where I was from – I told him I was from New Zealand but lived in Australia.

“Ah you’re a Kiwi” – I laughed, “Yes a proud Kiwi/Maori girl from NZ”. “We have a Maori lady by the name of Marama who works here, she’s not here today.  Married a local Greek man, been here 40 years, she’s got lots of brothers and sisters in New Zealand but she doesn’t travel back that often because it’s a long way to go”.  I nodded my head in agreement – on parting I said “will you say hello to your friend and tell her a big ‘Kia ora’ from Del from NZ”.

I had a big fat smile on my face by the time I left the souvenir shop with all my little treasures – just another wonderful highlight to take away with me.

It was a long walk home, we decided to rest and treat ourselves with cold gelato ice-creams and do some people watching.

I noticed the guests around us swiping and looking at their ipads and phones – no doubt admiring beautiful photos taken that morning and probably like me uploading them to facebook to share with family and friends.  Then I heard and watched the polite tooting of horns at passing pedestrians, as mini-vans drove past with fresh produce, or their drivers passionately argued with each.  It was quite a buzz of activity, you could feel a robust vibe and energy.

Lunchtime was nearly here, so after sauntering along and looking at a few restaurants we finally settled on the “Natura”.

Like many hotels on the island, their restaurants are open to the public and not just their patrons. It was a gorgeous place with a very inviting swimming pool.

I settled on a healthy meal of fried quinoa, mushrooms, sprouts and basil leaves. And can I just say that it was absolutely delicious!

As we sat and waited for our meals, a gorgeous little black and white kitten (a resident stray kitten of the hotel) came over to the table and started playing with my feet.  I laughed and said to this little one “I wouldn’t go there Bro – these waewae (feet) will be stinky”!

Anyway he kept playing with my feet and getting out his little claws – Well, I kept saying No! The little mite wouldn’t listen. Hubby pointed out that he probably doesn’t understand English – good point.

So, I said “Ochi” which is the Greek word for no and he miraculously stopped and sat nicely and quietly on the ground.

Well we both burst out laughing – I’ll be damned!  So from then on I named this little guy Ochi.  As we enjoyed our meal our new found friend promptly jumped up in the spare seat next to us and went to sleep in the sun.

It was time to go and I was a little bit sad to be leaving our cute feline friend, but we quietly snuck away and left him happily sleeping.  This little guy left a heartfelt impression on me and I hope that the Greek gods will continue to smile on him and give him a good and blessed life.

I have to say that this was truly an “epic” holiday on Mykonos where I was left completely speechless – by the natural beauty, the food, the vibe – put simply a bucket list dream come true and one that you can only experience for yourself.

“It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her”





2 thoughts on “Mykonos – My Big, Fat, Greek Holiday! (Part 2)

  1. Aren’t the tiny streets and alleyways of Mykonos so charming? Every turn you make in that island will surprise you with something lovely such as a house with overgrowing bougainvilleas or a shop that sells you nutella pancakes!


    • Hi Therie

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. I absolutely agree with you 100%! Mykonos is definitely a charming and beautiful Island with surprises around every corner and that’s the exciting part 😊 Cheers Del


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