Mykonos – My Big, Fat, Greek Holiday! (Part 1)

“It takes a lifetime for someone to discover Greece, but it only takes an instant to fall in love with her” (Henry Miller)

I had sailed away from the heart and mainland of ancient Greek philosophers’, scholars’ and wise men and towards the Greek islands of mythical Mediterranean legends and Aegean beauty.

Our introduction to the beautiful Island of Mykonos was courtesy of the ‘Blue Star’ ferries.

It was a gorgeous, bright and sunny day as each of us as kindred spirits and excited holidaymakers’ alighted the ferry at the “New Port” – all keen to explore the island and settle into our lodgings.

I had not organised any transfers for this leg of the journey so was going to have to take pot luck about getting to our hotel (although I had read somewhere about a public bus to the “Old Port”?)

Tip:  When you arrive by ferry you will dock and disembark at the New Port.  For transfers to your accommodation the following options are available:

  1. When you are organising your accommodation, book a hotel that includes a pick up and transfer service from the New Port.
  2. Queue and wait patiently for a taxi to take you to your hotel

As I am a naturally nosey and curious person, it didn’t take long for my eagle eyes to spy the public bus.  I made a beeline for it and paid the $1.60 one-way Euro fare to the Old Port.  It was a full load by the time we left for the short 5-7 minute ride to the bus terminal.

Finally, after so much waiting the scenery that I had longed to see burst into view. I was greeted by those famous white-washed buildings clustered together – with beautiful crystal clear waters lapping at their shores.  Simply amazing!

Tip: Hiring a taxi – Once you have walked right to the end of the walkway from the Old Port Terminal, you will come to a junction – look and walk a little uphill to the left and you will see some blue public pay phones.  Walk behind the building with the pay phones and you will find the Taxi rank.

Hubby and I eventually made it to our Hotel, with a cool refreshment to welcome us – Yamas! (Cheers).

The Belvedere Hotel is an amazing hotel with a great pool and dining area; and more importantly some spectacular views from our balcony in room 723.

It was late afternoon, I was feeling a bit wary from the early morning start and ferry ride but dug deep to do a little exploring – my incentive, to buy food!

So off we excitedly wandered into the unknown.  The alleyways were narrow and then before I knew it I was in a maze of stunning white buildings; lost amongst beautifully exploding pink bougainvillea flowers and brightly coloured doors and windows.

In our admiration of the local scenery, we realised that we had ventured a little too far in finding the local supermarket and had got lost.

As a result, we had to back-track and find our starting point from the bridge.  Once we descended down we soon discovered a mini-amphitheatre obviously for the enjoyment and entertainment of the local community – amazing!

Tip:  Make sure to have a good pair of walking shoes and that you have a comfortable sense of mobility and walking ability to be able to walk uphill and around Mykonos.

Now, we were getting to the heart of the real people – where children happily played in the apartment playground, young people played hoops on the basketball court, one kindly citizen took the time to feed the stray cats and kittens, then there were the locals chatting, laughing and enjoying a cigarette at the nearby Hamburger restaurant.

Everyone seemed friendly and welcoming of tourists.

Finally we spotted the local “AB” Supermarket and were able to replenish our stocks and buy some fruit and other goodies.

Dinner was a lovely and quiet affair at the Hamburger restaurant with some of the best food I had ever tasted – Efharisto (thank you).

My punishment for over-indulging was having to pump these Kauri legs of mine and walk all the way back up the many steep steps to our hotel. Admittedly this was very invigorating.

After regaining some of my breath and lung capacity, I made it safely back to the sanctuary of our room where I proceeded to collapse (in a Queenly fashion) for the rest of evening.

Goodnight beautiful Mykonos – See you again bright and early in the Morning!





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