Dear Santa……

“At Christmas, all roads lead home” (Marjorie Homes)

Dear Santa – If I’m good at being naughty which list do I go on? (Ha ha).

So like many people, I am on the countdown to Christmas – where I am so looking forward to catching up with family and friends during the festive season.

It has been a busy year this year – with all its many rewards (such as travelling) and the challenges too.

To actually get on the plane and travel back to the Motherland and spend some quality time with my Whanau (family) is the most precious experience for me.

I have been away too long and each time I travel back to New Zealand, the harder it gets to leave and return to Australia. My Heart and Wairua (Spirit) yearn to have my feet back on home soil; to see loved ones and enjoy the freedom and ambience that is family and country.

The Christmas holidays (for me) provides the perfect opportunity to recharge the batteries and refresh the Soul so that I am able to do it all over again the following year.

2017 is going to be my year – with more bucket list travels and some exciting new personal goals on the horizon.

Just 10 days to go and counting!

I am also reminded that Christmas can be a sad and lonely time of the year –  especially for those who have lost loved ones during the year, people who are sick, on their own, the homeless and those families doing it tough and struggling.

In a simple moment of reflection, let us not forget the true “reason for the season” and consider taking the time (in our own small way) to give back or at least in the spirit of Christmas to be a little more kinder, patient and compassionate with one another.

On a happier note – I consider it a beautiful time of joy and celebration….. To enjoy the simple acts of decorating the family Christmas tree and home in festive colours, to carefully gift-wrap the many presents and follow long-held family traditions is indeed a wonderful way to welcome in the Yuletide.

You deserve to take the time to unwind, relax and treat yourself.

Endeavour to make Happiness your priority in the coming seasons and may you revel in the luxury of laughter, health, wealth and happiness.

I will reflect on 2016 as a good year – and feel both thankful and blessed for my health and the amazing love and support of my awesome husband, family and wonderful friends.

I hope to be able to bring you fresh and insightful blog posts next year, so you’re always welcome to come on back and visit me at Del Abroad”.

In the meantime, whever you may be or travel in the World – Wishing you all a very joyful and happy Christmas as well as a safe and prosperous New Year.

 “Dear Santa,

I already have everything I could possibly wish for this year. Got my family, good friends and LOVE. Please take care of those who need you. THANK YOU!! XX” (Unknown)

See you all again in 2017 – Happy Holidays everyone!

(To all of the loyal readers’ who have followed “Del Abroad” throughout its humble beginnings – to each and every one of you I want to say a Big “Thank you” from this Kiwi girl’s heart.  Your time and support are always appreciated! Cheers Del).


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